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Here at StC, we pride ourselves on cultivating long and lasting relationships. A great many of our clients have been with us for more than ten years; this is no coincidence. We work hard to get to know you and your organisation. Have a look at our testimonials to see what Sainsburys, John Lewis, British Heart Foundation and many others say about how we help them:



Give As You Earn is an excellent platform for our employees to donate in a tax-efficient way to charities of their choice. We are incredibly proud of our employees' generosity in donating more than £1.4 million since 2002 and are delighted to have been recognised for our achievements with the Silver Payroll Giving Quality Mark Award. Payroll giving is easy for companies to administer and I would encourage all companies, large or small, to join the scheme.

Claire Finch, B&Q Community Co-ordinator


I have been payroll giving for as long as I can remember. NSPCC is very close to my heart and I have supported them for a number of years. This is an excellent way of giving without even realising - it is so easy, you just set it up and the set amount is taken from your salary each month so you don't even miss it.

Michelle Lucas, B&Q Category Communications Manager


I've been donating to Cancer Research UK via Payroll Giving for a number of years now; it was easy to set up and ensures my chosen charity receives my full donation - tax free!

Alan Strudwick - B&Q Nursling Customer Advisor


Donating to charity is usually a spontaneous thing so I like to think that by donating regularly through payroll contributes to my favourite charity having regular income that they can rely upon.

Arun Glendinning, General Manager - Marketing Business Services



Marks & Spencer

StC Payroll Giving gives thousands of M&S employees a very convenient way to donate to good causes of their choice. We're proud that our employees contribute over £150,000 every year through payroll giving, helping to make a real difference to the lives of many.

Sophie Brooks, Employee Engagement, Marks & Spencer


Northern Ireland Civil Service

Give As You Earn is an efficient and easy way for staff to donate to their favourite charity. The Northern Ireland Civil Service has had a GAYE scheme in place since 1987 and thousands of staff have donated to a wide range of charities since then. There is no doubt that using StC Payroll Giving has increased the number of donors and we are delighted the organisation is promoting the NICS scheme.

Adela Ginn, Senior Welfare Manager, Northern Ireland Civil Service



StC helps children's charity Barnardo's to recruit payroll donors at employers all around the UK with whom Barnardo's has a long-standing direct relationship. 

There have been some really good results from StC, evidenced by the increase in the average number of donors recruited per visit, which shows that Barnardo's is booking good quality promotions. We are really pleased with the year end results so thank you to everyone at StC for your hard work and congratulations on the great results.


Cancer Research UK

The success of our payroll giving fundraising here at Cancer Research UK is dependent on great partners such as StC Payroll Giving,who provide a friendly and reliable service to our payroll giving fundraising. Over the course of our partnership, StC has brought in over £10million in payroll giving income for Cancer Research UK.

At Cancer Research UK, we receive no government funding, so are hugely grateful for the support of partners like StC Payroll Giving, who provide a valuable source of regular and reliable income and allow us to continue and expand our work to beat cancer sooner.




The NSPCC have been working with STC Fundraising under the current management to recruit Payroll Donors for since the beginning of 2011. STC Fundraising have a large number of clients which is great for donors as it gives them a wide number of charities to choose from. And despite the number of clients, STC Fundraising’s team are easy to work with - always quick to deal with any queries or request we may have.


ABF The Soldiers Charity

StC has worked with  ABF for over 10 years, recruiting Payroll Giving Donors for us. Over that time, we have seen our income increase tremendously.

We have found their service very professional and sympathetic to our needs. I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of StC to organisations who would like to find out more about Payroll Giving and wish to enhance their CSR programme. 



Save the Children

Payroll Giving is a valuable source of income for Save the Children. 

Organisations like StC Payroll Giving are very important to us as they have access to staff in thousands of workplaces throughout the year to talk about our work. We would not have resources to reach out to that many employees ourselves. Thanks to their work, we can respond to many more situations from emergencies to education and healthcare.



NICS Highly commended at National Payroll Giving Excellence Awards!

The Northern Ireland Civil Service was highly commended in the Government and Public Sector section at the National Payroll Giving Excellence Awards at the House of Lords on Tuesday 17th November 2015. This follows the Gold Award for Payroll Giving presented to the NICS for 2014 and 2015 and reflects the continuing generosity of NICS staff and the work of StC Payroll Giving.

Give As You Earn is the most efficient and the easiest way for staff to donate to their favourite charity and the NICS has been committed to helping employees do just that for 28 years. Through working with StCPayroll Giving, there has been a very significant increase in the number of donors over the last 3 years. We're delighted to continue that relationship and grow the number of employees giving to charity.



Sainsburys shortlisted at National Payroll Giving Excellence Awards

We were thrilled to be shortlisted for the Best Innovative Promotional Partnership at the National Payroll Giving Excellence Awards. We are committed to making Payroll Giving part of everyday life at Sainsbury's and the support provided by StC Payroll Giving to enable us to do so is exceptional. By incorporating payroll giving into our flagship Local Charity Programme, we have empowered our colleagues to make a real difference to causes that matter in their local communities.
Anya Todd – Community Affairs Manager



Here are some of the comments from charities who have attended some of our promotions and seen our fundraisers at work!

Marie Curie – December 2015
The fundraiser was a good representative.
The fundraiser was smart and professional.
The fundraiser came prepared. They had a wheelie suitcase to reduce risk of injury carrying equipment. They used a table to clearly display charity items and materials which she referenced 'we have some information and teddies', but she did not use these as a persuasion technique or as a tool to 'hard-sell'.
The fundraiser was polite and courteous to the company at all times and knew the log-in procedure and safety evacuation exits. This ensured that her and her visitors were prepared in case of an emergency, reducing risk to the fundraisers.
Objection handling – when a prospect said they were already giving, the fundraiser asked if it was through their pay and was polite and did not 'push' or persuade the prospect to change their existing gift.

Oxfam – July 2016
The fundraiser was very well presented, punctual and unfailingly polite and professional. She was enthusiastic and persuasive without exerting any undue pressure, and was a good ambassador for the charities she was representing, and demonstrated good contextual knowledge about many of them. She handled objections sensitively and correctly.

Save The Children – October 2016
The fundraiser was an excellent ambassador for the charity! She was polite, professional and did not rush or push any prospects into making a decision. She was also extremely knowledgeable and helped guide prospects where appropriate.


Northern Ireland Charities Together

Northern Ireland Charities Together has been working with StC for many years with great success.  As the only local Consortium of 6 local charities, we are quite unique in Northern Ireland.  StC has always been very encouraging and supportive of our Consortium and we have developed a strong and beneficial local partnership with them. A relationship we hope to continue for years to come.



Sainsbury's video transcript

Hi, my name's Stephi Brett and I work at Sainsbury's as Community Affairs Manager. I look after everything from giving our stores funding to help people in their local community to working with charities, right through to volunteering.


Payroll Giving is an integral part of Sainsbury's community program and has been for many years. The scheme sits neatly alongside what we do in terms of volunteering, grants and other community focused activities. What payroll giving does is provide our colleagues with a quick and easy platform to help any charity of their choice tax-efficiently. From our point of view it costs very little in terms of time and resources to provide the scheme. Charities Aid Foundation administers it and it is promoted for us by Sharing the Caring.


In order to give as many colleagues as possible the chance to use the scheme, we have for the last 16 years or so, been working with Sharing the Caring, who visit our stores up and down the country. This works well for us on several levels. Firstly, each and every store has their own local charity, and so when the team from Sharing the Caring are going into our store, they phone ahead and find out 'what is the local charity?' in that area, so they really know what kind of cause is close to our colleague's hearts. That way, even before they go in, the fundraiser knows a bit about the store.


Having someone there to ask questions is great. Someone may have never considered giving or many not know how to do it, or they may not know about Give As You Earn; how it benefits them and their charities, so having someone there to ask questions is paramount. This is where the team from Sharing the Caring come in. Often, they have been to the same store over a number of years and are known and trusted by the colleague in store. For our colleagues who are office based, we also have a Payroll Giving Online link, enabling Sainsbury's colleagues to give at their leisure.


Since changing hands in March 2001, Sharing the Caring has more than doubled take-up of the scheme on the previous year. In the last 18 months alone, just over 2,000 new donors have joined the scheme and this number is growing week on week.


That's why Payroll Giving and Sharing the Caring is really important to Sainsbury's and our colleagues in store.


John Lewis video transcript


The Partnership has operated a payroll giving scheme since 2000 and it provides a great way to demonstrate the Partnership's commitment to the causes that our Partners care about.


Since the scheme's launch, we have seen a steady stream of Partners joining the scheme but it is now our intention to promote the scheme further to support our Reward aims in providing market leading benefits and our community aims to better facilitate opportunities for Partners to get involved in charitable and community activity.


We looked at improving the profile and take up of payroll giving earlier this year and we have already seen over 100 donors join the scheme using our online platform and we are about to launch road shows to promote the scheme further.


We decided to work with Sharing the Caring who have a great wealth of experience in promoting the scheme to multi site retailers and who also understand the needs of the Partnership.


It is our hope that many of our Partners, who may not yet know about Payroll Giving, or perhaps have questions about the scheme, will benefit from Sharing the Caring's visit and that the promotion of the scheme will further enhance the Partnership's tradition and culture of giving.


British Heart Foundation Video Transcript

The British Heart Foundation is the nation's heart charity, saving lives through our pioneering research and our prevention and care work. We need individuals across the UK to support the work that we do, in order to continue our life-saving work.

Sharing the Caring play a vital role in ensuring that we can raise the funds and also get our message of living a heart-healthy life out to those individuals who are working in companies across the nation.

The beauty of Payroll Giving is that it's a regular gift, it's tax-free and for us, it means that we can actually forecast what it is that we're going to be doing in the future and how it is that we spend those resources, and I know for charities large and small, that plays a key role in the use of Payroll Giving as a fundraising tool.

Sharing the Caring, Payroll Giving and companies up and down the country are the catalyst in creating a culture of philanthropy in the UK. I'd just like to thank you for the part that you play in helping us beat heart disease.


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