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Against Breast Cancer

Against Breast Cancer is the story of the personal crusade of our founders Dr Anthony Leathem and his wife Patricia in their quest for a future free of breast cancer.

Today, Against Breast Cancer funds pioneering research into new treatments, tools for earlier diagnosis and advice to reduce the risk of recurrence and secondary spread. Working with expert scientists we want to increase the survival rates of all breast cancer patients and ultimately, discover a vaccine against breast cancer.



Breast Cancer Now

We’re Breast Cancer Now, the charity that’s steered by world-class research and powered by life-changing care. We’re here for anyone affected by breast cancer, the whole way through, providing support for today and hope for the future.

We believe that we can change the future of breast cancer and make sure that, by 2050, everyone diagnosed with the disease lives – and is supported to live well. But we need to act now.



Cancer Focus Northern Ireland

Support for cancer patients, improve your health (raising awareness of symptoms), campaigns, public affairs (supporting legislation that helps individuals improve their health)


Cancer Fund for Children

As Northern Ireland’s leading children’s cancer charity, Cancer Fund for Children understands the devastating impact a cancer diagnosis and its treatment has on the whole family, and that beyond the essential medical care, there is a family life that needs to be rebuilt.

From the point of diagnosis our team of Cancer Support Specialists is here to help, guide and support families at home, in their community, and at our therapeutic short break and residential centre in Newcastle, Co. Down. Our support is focused not just on the young person, but on the whole family. Our aim is to empower, connect and strengthen them, so they feel equipped to deal with whatever the future may hold.

Cancer Fund for Children is also here to help bereaved families cope with the emotional pain of losing a child to cancer. We also support children and young people whose parent has been diagnosed with cancer through our Young Shoulders Programme.


Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK is the world’s largest cancer charity dedicated to saving lives through research. Our vision is to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured, from the most common types to those that affect just a few people.

With help from our supporters, we’re focusing our efforts in four key areas:

  • Working to help prevent cancer
  • Diagnosing cancer earlier
  • Developing new treatments for cancer
  • Optimising existing treatments to make them more effective


In the 1970’s, only 1 in 4 people in the UK survived cancer. Today, thanks to research, that figure has doubled. But we still have a long way to go. Our ambition is to accelerate progress and see 3 in 4 people surviving the disease by 2034.

By donating to Cancer Research UK through Payroll Giving, we can make this possible.


Donating £4 a month (or £48 annually)

£46 will allow us to buy special restriction enzymes that work like molecular scissors to cut up the long strands of DNA in our cells.

Donating £7.50 a month (or £90 annually)

£100 could fund a PhD student for 1 day. Our PhD students complete a 4-year training programme to equip them with the skills they’ll need to make the research breakthroughs of the future. We fund around 400 PhD students in labs across the country.

Donating £10 a month (or £120 annually)

£120 could pay for three patients cancer biopsies – where a tiny amount of tumour is removed with a needle to be studied in the lab.

Donating £20 a month (or £240 annually)

£240 could fund the work of a statistician for 3 days. Statisticians are key to interpreting the data produced by our research – from experiments in the lab to clinical trials of treatments.




Hope for Tomorrow

Hope for Tomorrow is a national cancer charity dedicated to bringing cancer treatment closer to patients' homes. Our Mobile Chemotherapy Units effectively reduce the long distances of travel and waiting times for treatment that patients often endure, and also help them to avoid the stresses and strains of busy Oncology Centres.


Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust

The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust raises money to support 13 – 24-year-olds fighting cancer.  We provide support mechanisms to improve young cancer patients’ quality of life on hospital wards and after treatment; and fund medical research specifically into cancers that affect 13 – 24 year olds.


We are a small charity based in Huddersfield which supports the 43 hospitals which specialise in the treatment of teenager cancer across the UK and Ireland.


Examples of some of our projects:


  • Every Christmas for the past 13 years we have sent 1000's of gifts across the country to the 100's of young cancer patients who cannot get home for Christmas Day. The chance to put a smile on their face means the world to us & we work all year in order to raise funds to be able to make this happen year on year.


  • We fund End of treatment gifts to the patients at the Leeds General Infirmary Radiotherapy Unit.  We send young cancer patients a special gift to celebrate the end of a very cruel time in their lives.  We often send them a voucher so they can treat themselves, along with various other goodies, so they know we are thinking of them.


  • Scalp Cooling is currently the only form of treatment available to combat hair loss during chemotherapy and until now, it has not been available to teenagers and young people.


However, we have teamed up with pioneering scalp cooling company Paxman and launched the ‘Teenage and Young Adult Scalp Cooling Service’ which returns choice and control over treatment to young cancer patients. This incredible offer will have a huge impact on the mental wellbeing of young patients.


  • We offer Laptops & iPads to the hospitals which specialise in teenage cancer.  We knew that young cancer patients were frequently spending long periods of time away from home, receiving treatment which is highly incapacitating, and often then being in isolation afterwards.

We felt that laptops and iPads would help provide distraction therapy, provide resources to breakdown the feelings of loneliness & isolation as well as help young people maintain normality by having contact with friends, families, keeping up with studies and current affairs.

Amongst many case studies from this is a young mother receiving treatment maintained daily contact with her children through FaceTime; reading stories, helping with homework and maintaining family life whilst in isolation.


  • Research - We are currently funding a ground breaking piece of research at The University of Huddersfield, where cancer researchers are developing a new form of treatment based on a molecule named CD40, which destroys cancerous tumours without harming any healthy cell tissue.


  • The charity is going to add a new focus its “support” aim in 202 to concentrate on the mental wellbeing of patients, ensuring that young people with cancer are being supported as a whole; Body and Mind.  Our experiences and conversations with young cancer patients strongly suggest that despite the increased conversation organisations seems to be having about the importance of mental health support, the need is still not being met as it should.


We propose to start working with groups of young cancer patients to find out from them what their needs are, what currently works for them and where more support is needed. We aim to provide that missing support, whether that is face to face support through an appointment or drop in system or whether young patients would respond better to remote support through devices such as iPads, which could of course be delivered very quickly.


Leukaemia UK

Leukaemia UK is a leading blood cancer charity. We support families affected by leukaemia, myeloma, lymphoma and other blood cancers.

In the UK someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer every 14 minutes. At Leukaemia UK, we understand that a blood cancer diagnosis can turn your life, and that of your family and friends, upside down. We are here to help.

For over 40 years, Leukaemia UK has been making a difference to those living with blood cancer by funding essential emotional support, key hospital facilities, giving critical financial relief and funding innovative research into better care and treatments for blood cancers.

Thanks to advances in research, funded by organisations like Leukaemia UK, over 90% of children diagnosed with the most common form of childhood leukaemia survive. Our aim is to support research further so that similar results can be achieved for adults in the near future.

Leukaemia UK relies totally on voluntary donations so your support is invaluable.

Visit us on our website



Macmillan Cancer Support

Being told 'you have cancer' can affect so much more than your health – it can affect your family, your job, even your ability to pay the bills.

But life with cancer is still life. We get that. And, after over 100 years of helping so many people, we get what's most important: that we treat everyone as a person, not just a patient.

With your help we can do more for people living with cancer, giving each person the support they need to look after all that matters and take care of their health, protect personal relationships and deal with work and money worries.

We want to help everyone with cancer find their best way through, from the moment of diagnosis, so they're able to live life as fully as they can. You can be someone who makes that happen.

Registered charity in England and Wales (261017), Scotland (SC039907) and the Isle of Man (604). Also operating in Northern Ireland.


Marie Curie

Marie Curie is here to help anyone with a terminal illness.

Marie Curie Nurses work night and day, in people's homes across the UK, providing hands-on care and vital emotional support. If you're living with a terminal illness, they can help you stay surrounded by the people you care about most, in the place where you're most comfortable.

Our hospices offer the reassurance of specialist care and support, in a friendly, welcoming environment, for people living with a terminal illness and their loved ones - whether you're staying in the hospice, or just coming in for the day.

Through our information and Support services we help everyone affected by a terminal illness get the information and support they need, whether you have an illness yourself or you're a family member or friend.

We'll be by your side with care and support every step of the way, bringing light in the darkest hours.



Ovarian Cancer Action

Ovarian Cancer Action strives to stop women dying from ovarian cancer by funding world-class scientific research leading to innovative treatment and progressive solutions.


Prostate Cancer UK

We are Prostate Cancer UK
Prostate Cancer UK is the UKs largest mens health charity. We aim to help more men survive prostate cancer and enjoy a better quality of life.

Supporting men and providing information
Our Specialist Nurses have time to talk and answer questions about prostate cancer and prostate problems. We provide free printed and downloadable information. Our online community and one-to-one support service connects men and their families with others who know what theyre going through.

Finding answers through research
Working with our 2012-2020 research strategy, We fund research into tests, treatments and the causes of prostate cancer

Leading change to raise awareness and improve care
With help from our volunteers, we work with the general public, the government and the NHS to raise awareness and get a better deal for men with prostate cancer.

Our work is guided by our ambitious MANifesto, launched in October 2012.



Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation is the only UK charity wholly dedicated to beating lung cancer. We support patients and their families with our nurse led helpline and national support groups. We fund various research projects aiming to detect lung cancer earlier and at a time in which curative treatment becomes a reality.

Anyone with lungs can get lung cancer. Man, woman, young, old, smoker and non-smoker, lung cancer does not discriminate, but sadly people do. Lung cancer claims far more lives than any other cancer type in the UK, yet shockingly it receives the least funding. Sadly outcomes for patients are extremely poor with the average survival rate just under 6 months.

Together we have the potential to revolutionise the future of lung cancer, giving patients and their families the attention and support they deserve. Through raising awareness, challenging the stigma, campaigning for improved treatments and funding more research, with your help we hope to support all those living with lung cancer.


Tenovus Cancer Care

If you have cancer or you're close to someone who has, it can be frightening and stressful. We can help. We bring treatment, emotional support and practical advice to where it matters most; the heart of your community.
Tenovus Cancer Care is here to help you cope, and through our vital research, we offer hope. We're the leading cancer charity in Wales and, whenever you need us, we're here for you.


The Institute of Cancer Research

We undertake world-class research designed to improve outcomes for people with cancer. We are a confident, vibrant and enterprising organisation and our scientists are world leaders in their fields. We are driven by a desire to understand the genetics and biology of cancer and to apply that knowledge to maximise clinical impact.



World Cancer Research Fund UK

World Cancer Research Fund International is the worlds leading authority on cancer prevention research related to diet, weight and physical activity.

We are a not-for-profit organisation that leads & unifies a network of cancer prevention charities with a global reach. These charities are based in the USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Hong Kong.

Since it started in 1982, the World Cancer Research Fund network has been a pioneer in research and health information on the link between food, nutrition, physical activity and the prevention of cancer.


Worldwide Cancer Research

1 in 2 people are diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime. For us, that’s 1 in 2 too many. Our solution? At Worldwide Cancer Research, we believe that bold research will cure cancer and the first step is the most important. That’s why we back the brightest research minds all around the world in their quest to find the cures for a disease that affects so many lives. Without taking that crucial first step with discovery research, scientists can’t find new preventions, treatments and cures for cancer.

Since we started in 1979, we have invested £200 million into cancer research in over 30 countries.Because cancer is a global problem.

One day cancer will no longer be feared – the more pioneering cancer research we can fund with your help, the sooner that day will come.


Young Lives vs Cancer

Young Lives vs Cancer is the UKs leading cancer charity for children and young people, and their families. We provide clinical, practical, financial and emotional support to help them cope with cancer and get the most out of life. We are there from diagnosis onwards and aim to help the whole family deal with the impact of cancer and its treatment, life after treatment and, in some cases, bereavement.

•We provide clinical, practical and emotional support to children and young people with cancer, and their families
•We give financial support including grants and benefits information to children and young people with cancer to help deal with the financial impact of cancer
•We provide free Home from Home accommodation close to specialist hospitals, so that families can be close to their children during treatment
•We offer free holidays and short breaks so that families can spend time together, with the support of our care professionals, away from the everyday challenges of childhood cancer
•We provide children, young people and families with a wide range of valuable information on childhood cancer and its impact
•We campaign and influence others to raise awareness of the needs of children and young people with cancer and to improve the support they receive.




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