January 4, 2024

New Years Resolutions- good idea or setting yourself up for failure?

As we bid farewell to what was a challenging 2023 for many, we welcome in 2024 with all of the normal hope and optimism brought on by a New Year.

Many people choose the 1st January as the day to make changes. For some these can be small, seemingly quite insignificant changes. For others they appear radical. Gym memberships are top of a lot of people’s list, a change in diet- perhaps going Vegan for “Veganuary”. The long-standing debate is whether these resolutions actually work. Research shows that in fact around 80% fail by mid-February…..

Often the resolutions people choose are unrealistic. They are brought about by the desire for radical change when in fact it would be far better to set smaller, more achievable goals. These smaller goals can be achieved and transformed into habits.

During the month of January our theme is Small change creates lasting change.

When individuals focus on making small adjustments, they set themselves up for success by creating manageable goals. For example, making a small change like swapping sugary snacks for a healthier option could eventually lead to an overall shift in dietary habits.

When we look at environmental changes, an individual adopting small sustainable practises such as reducing plastic usage or recycling more, on its own may seem inconsequential. However when these changes become widespread, they create lasting change.

The idea of small change lies in their accessibility and sustainability. They are easier to integrate into everyday life and become habitual.

As businesses start the new year, we may be looking at small changes we can make. The impact of small changes is not always immediate, but their cumulative effect can lead to powerful, lasting change.

An individual giving through Payroll Giving may think that their small monthly donation is insignificant to a charity but when this donation comes in regularly over several years, it becomes very significant. The average person signing up to Payroll Giving will give for 7 years- lasting change.


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