May 14, 2024

GoodPAYE Sparks Payroll Giving Revolution with StC Acquisition.

GoodPAYE has successfully acquired StC Payroll Giving, marking a strategic collaboration that fuses traditional fundraising prowess with cutting-edge digital capabilities. This significant step moves GoodPAYE and StC Payroll Giving into their next phase, dedicated to making Payroll Giving universally accessible across the UK.

Established in 2022, GoodPAYE is the UK’s sole 100% charity-owned Professional Fundraising Organisation, born from a joint venture with Barnardo’s, Crisis, The Royal British Legion, RNIB, and WaterAid. Its ambition is to bring a wave of innovation to the Payroll Giving landscape, utilising technology to streamline existing processes and generate millions for the charity sector.

The acquisition of StC Payroll Giving, a renowned Professional Fundraising Organisation with roots tracing back to 1994, will amplify GoodPAYE’s capabilities. StC, known for its excellence in traditional face-to-face recruitment with over 150 large organisations, brings a wealth of experience, a dedicated team, and a standout reputation for client servicing and compliance.

GoodPAYE aims to break down barriers in traditional Payroll Giving, a scheme that allows UK employees to make tax-free donations to charities directly from their salary. With this acquisition, GoodPAYE is poised to transform the sector by offering easy access to Payroll Giving for every UK employee, via an inclusive, full-service Professional Fundraising Organisation.

Tony Charalambides, CEO of GoodPAYE, speaks to the impact of the strategic move:

“In 2022, our integration with our Payroll Giving Agency,, streamlined the existing process for organisations. Now, with StC on board, we’re infusing years of fundraising experience with cutting-edge technology. We’re marking a new era in the evolution of Payroll Giving”.

Tony also emphasises the role that organisations can play in supporting GoodPAYE and contributing to the charity sector:

“Organisations hold significant influence over the future of the charity sector. With over 80% of organisations not currently offering Payroll Giving to their employees, there is a tremendous opportunity for them to join us on our mission to transform civil society for the better.”

Alice Wright, Managing Director, StC Payroll Giving, says it’s the shared mission that brought both organisations together.

“For 30 years StC Payroll Giving has been committed to making Payroll Giving accessible and engaging for employers and their employees. In those 30 years we have accomplished this through our drive to be ethical, professional and innovative. By joining forces with GoodPAYE we will be able to accelerate those innovations and help bring Payroll Giving to the forefront of the UK workforce using technology.”

Tara Honeywell, Non Executive Director, GoodPAYE and Head of Commercial Ventures, Barnardo’s, expresses her enthusiasm for the venture:

“Since GoodPAYE’s inception in 2020, our vision has been crystal clear – to revolutionise Payroll Giving and usher it into the 21st century. This acquisition, which brings together StC Payroll Giving and GoodPAYE, demonstrates a united front that underlies our commitment to driving positive change in the sector and raising over £100 million for charities by 2035. We are hugely excited for the next phase of GoodPAYE.

“At Barnardo’s we’re always looking for ways to connect with our supporters, raising vital funds to help and support children and young people. GoodPAYE provides us with an opportunity to bring donors closer to the causes they care about, growing the size of the Payroll Giving marketplace and bringing in much-needed funds for the charitable sector”

To find out more and how your organisation can join GoodPAYE in generating huge social impact, contact GoodPAYE at


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BREAKING NEWS StC Payroll Giving has been acquired by GoodPAYE. Visit our News page to find out more

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