StC Payroll Giving Ethical Fundraising Policy

StC Payroll Giving  (STC) is committed to its mission to help charities of all sizes to raise regular income using the Payroll Giving Scheme in order to provide long term income for these charity clients. We commit at all times to be open, honest, fair and legal.

This policy seeks to cover the ethical issues and social responsibility within fundraising. All STC staff involved in fundraising have a responsibility to be aware and have a thorough understanding of the ethical issues referred to in this policy. 

1. STC respects the rights of donors to clear, truthful information on the work of STC and to openly report how we manage donors’ information responsibly. 

2. We will comply with the Institute of Fundraising Codes of Fundraising Practice as amended from time to time and UK law in every respect, including those regarding openness and honesty with members of the public. 

3. As members of the APGO’s self-regulatory scheme, we follow their Code of Conduct, which, amongst other things, helps to ensure that organisations raising money for charity from the public do so honestly and properly. 

4. We will respect the privacy and contact preferences of all donors. We will respond promptly to requests to cease contacts or complaints and act as best we can to address their causes.

Fundraising Activity in the Workplace 

a. We will ensure that all materials, especially completed donor forms, are held securely and in accordance with their obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998. 

b. Our fundraisers will wear photo identity badges provided by us in a visible place at all times. 

c. We will ensure that sufficient safeguards exist and are followed throughout the solicitation process to avoid pressurising potential donors, though reasonable persuasion can be used. 

d. Our fundraisers will ensure that donors are aware that they have the right to terminate an agreement to donate to a charity at any point. 

e. We will have a written agreement in place with the charities that we represent. 

f. We will make legally compliant statements as to how we are paid. 

g. We will provide our fundraisers with necessary information about the charity’s objectives and clear guidelines about conduct and the different tax reliefs in this area. 

h. We will process information as swiftly as possible and ensure that information relating to new donors is passed to the relevant parties as soon as possible. 

i. Where we are representing multiple organisations, we will ensure all clients are represented in an entirely neutral manner.


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