May 24, 2021

How to: maximise your charity partnership

A good corporate partnership can be mutually beneficial for both charities and sponsors. For charities, these benefits include increased funding, support and visibility, and organisations can benefit from good PR, brand building and the chance to make a difference and support a worthwhile cause.

Corporate-charity partnerships should be aimed at bringing mutual benefit to both parties through their collaborative efforts. More than just ticking the corporate social responsibility (CSR) box, any business partnerships should consist of long-term, strategic projects that bring about sustainable impact and real change.

There are many ways you can support your charity partner:

  1. Charity donation match : A popular way to encourage customers to contribute to your cause is to match their donations. On the other hand, you could invite them to match yours. If you donate £1 of every order to charity, provide customers the option to match that.
  2. Payroll Giving: The most tax effective way for your employees to donate to their chosen charity. To encourage support for your charity partner you could offer to donation match. Whether it be through fundraising or salary donations, this may encourage personal donations.
  3. Pennies schemes: This is where employees can choose to donate the change from their pay to your charity partner.
  4. Auto sponsor: Many companies make it policy to automatically sponsor employees who are taking part in charity events.  Providing these incentives is not only good for brand image, but also requires minimal effort on the company’s behalf.
  5. Donate Time: Time is a priceless commodity that a lot of charities need. It could be anything from a bag pack at the local supermarket or being a marshal at an event. Many of us always think of ourselves as too busy outside of work. It can be hard to find time to volunteer and easier to donate money. By offering employees time out of the working day to volunteer, it’s easier than ever.
  6. Pro bono services: If donating cash isn’t a viable option for your business, then there are other ways to help. If you’re a service orientated business, you could offer pro-bono services. For example, if you’re a PR and marketing firm, offer to do a campaign for a charity.  Offer to provide training or donate Excel Video Tutorials to non-profit organisations.

Our new Workplace Giving Hub offers a way to manage all your charity partnerships activities in the one location. Get in touch to find out more or join one of our regular webinars. Check our news page for latest dates:


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