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Payroll Giving raises a smile for GOSH patient - Tomas story

Payroll Giving raises a smile for GOSH patient - Tomas story

Tomas, now 21, is studying for a Masters degree in Criminology but here he recalls his time at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) when doctors first discovered he had polyarteritus nodosa.

"The name of my condition is polyarteritus nodosa and it affects all the arteries in the body, ranging from eyes, head, legs and all your muscles. It makes you feel generally unwell, causes aches and pains and can affect your optic nerves."

The condition started when I was abpout three years old but because it is so rare, the doctors didn't know what it was. We went to and from different hospitals in Wales but nobody seemed to know what they were treating. Eventually it got so bad that I had a brain haemorrhage because I hadn't received the right treatment. Read more

Posted on: 03/08/2017   Categories: Charity News

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