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Not So Broken - supported by Payroll Giving

Not So Broken - supported by Payroll Giving

Child Concern Consortium is a group of three charities which each work in a different way to help vulnerable children.

One of our member charities is The Fostering Network who support foster carers, fostering services and others who help transform children's lives through foster care.

'Maybe I'm not as broken as I've sometimes felt' are the heartfelt words of 18-year-old Johnny reflecting on his experiences of foster care. He added: 'It's hard to know if my traits are those of a child in foster care or just a child.

Johnny's story is one of 13 told by looked after young people and their foster carers in the 'Not so Broken' book of personal stories, published by The Fostering Network, at the launch of their 'Not so Broken' exhibition in Belfast.

The exhibition showcased more than 50 artistic works produced in a wide range of media by over 100 children and young people in foster care across Northern Ireland. The collection, exhibited to the public in Belfast and Omagh during 2016 and 2017, also included an animated short film.

This project and the fantastic initiatives of our other charities - 'Action for Sick Children' and 'Working Families' - would not be possible without the kind donations of supporters.

Thank you.

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Posted on: 04/07/2017   Categories: Charity News

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