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My gift for the future of research

My gift for the future of research

When supporter Bob Mitchell's life was turned upside down by breast cancer, he was determined to do something to stop other families suffering like his did.

It's only thanks to your long-term support that we're able to plan research projects that span years and even decades – helping to pave the way for new discoveries that really do have the power to change the future for people affected by breast cancer.

When breast cancer turned supporter Bob Mitchell's life upside down, he was determined to do something so that no other family would have to suffer like his did.

Bob's story

"My worries for my daughter, Fiona, were the same as every dad's – falling off her bike, getting her heart broken by a boy. I never dreamed she'd be diagnosed with breast cancer.

After a few gruelling months of chemo, the breast cancer quickly came back and began to spread. The consultant told us that she had secondary breast cancer and – as too many of us know – the treatments would soon stop working. We would have to say goodbye.

We lost our brave, determined daughter, aged just 36.

Read more at the Breast Cancer Now website >> http://breastcancernow.org/news-and-blogs/blogs/my-gift-for-the-future-of-research?utm_source=facebooko&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=blogs&utm_content=11122016-giw-link-post

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