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UN report: poor farmers need help to survive on climate change front line

UN report: poor farmers need help to survive on climate change front line

The world must act now to help small-scale farmers, fishers and herders cope with the effects of climate change. That's one message from The State of Food and Agriculture, a new UN report. It's time for action – so why not sign our petition?

The report finds that without drastic steps, some of the world's poorest people will soon find their ability to feed themselves 'seriously compromised'. Its authors say people should be helped to get the technology, information and investment they need to find new ways of producing food.

People in poor countries did not cause climate change – but they are most at risk from its effects. And any family left malnourished by climate change will find it harder to survive, thrive and escape poverty altogether. This month's hard-hitting report is one more reason why the UK government must honour its commitment to help 50 million of the world's poorest people fight malnutrition.

How does climate change leave people hungry?

Climate change is already affecting food production. It is linked to a rise in extreme weather – floods and droughts can destroy whole harvests in a matter of weeks. Warmer oceans will threaten some fish species, while on land rising heat could create more weeds, insect pests and cattle-killing diseases. What would you do if you were a poor farmer in Ethiopia, faced with these problems?

Read more on the Concern Worldwide UK website >> https://www.concern.net/en/news-blog/un-report-poor-farmers-need-help-survive-climate-change-front-line?source=tw120011162016


Posted on: 28/11/2016   Categories: Charity News

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