We are incredibly proud of our employee's generosity in donating more than £1.5 million through Payroll Giving since 2002. StC Payroll Giving have given us fantastic support, adding 700 new donors this last year alone.
Claire Finch, B&Q Charities and Schools Co-ordinator.

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The story so far...


1993 - 2005


In August 1993, the Payroll Giving Group was founded and in March 1996, it was acquired by Help the Aged. The acquisition resulted in the Payroll Giving Group being renamed as Payroll Giving Ltd t/a Sharing the Caring.


2005 - 2011


In January 2005, Sharing the Caring left Help the Aged and merged with the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), becoming an integral department within the Company Services Division and later within the Enterprise and Philanthropy Development division.


2011 onwards


On 1st March 2011, Johanna Wright and Helen Von Trotsenburg acquired Sharing the Caring from CAF. Jo and Helen had already successfully launched Bell Fundraising Ltd in 2003. Along with a third director, they also launched Bell Donor Management Ltd, in 2009.


Today, StC Payroll Giving continues to be a market leader, responsible for generating income to charities in the region of £750,000 a month.

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