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Balcas are the winner 3 years in a row for their Payroll Giving scheme

Balcas are the winner 3 years in a row for their Payroll Giving scheme

Good thing come in 3's as one of our Employer partners discovered when Balcas scored a hat trick of awards for their Payroll Giving scheme.  Winner of the Most successful sustained scheme - small employer, Balcas were delighted with the win.


Angela Cashel, Payroll Manager:  " We are extremely proud of our employees' generosity to good causes.  We regularly promote the scheme and have retained our Platinum Quality Mark status and received recognition at previous National Payroll Giving Excellence awards.   Our partnership with StC Payroll Giving provides a straightforward way for employees to get involved.

Posted on: 03/12/2017   Categories: Client News

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