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Some great work by the NSPCC

A woman who endured domestic abuse for years at the hands of her 'evil' ex-partner has urged other victims to seek help and not hide violence at home like she did.

Susan, who is now in her early sixties, revealed to FEMAIL that her ex, Steve, used to regularly beat her, throttle her and once threatened her with a hammer.

They had a daughter together, Grace (all names have been changed to protect victims' identities), and she was terrified to leave their home in Liverpool because Steve said he would kill them if they ever tried to escape.

 "To the outside world I was successful yet at home I was a quivering wreck." How the NSPCC helped Susan and daughter Grace: http://t.co/rKRmD3JDO

Posted on: 25/09/2015   Categories: Charity News

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